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EPCM and PM Services

EPCM and PM Services

Offering world-class expertise in the fields of Engineering and Project Management, Procurement, Commissioning, Construction Management, Maintenance and more.

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Working with William Jacob Management

With its unique DNA and a management team experienced in leading fast, agile project organizations, William Jacob Management serves clients in one or more of the following ways:

As Strategic Advisor

William Jacob Management assists executive decision makers and teams with the critical thinking necessary to align project and business goals from the outset. William Jacob Management helps bring key business and technical issues to the forefront and just the right amount of pertinent data to the boardroom table. William Jacob Management clients trade "analysis paralysis" for smarter, faster decision making.

As Project Manager

William Jacob Management zeros in on the Achilles' Heel of complex projects - integration. By aggressively managing contractor interfaces, critical path items and project controls, William Jacob Management balances project stewardship and project performance. The firm also excels in managing globally dispersed client teams, partners, vendors and contractors to complete complex work packages and deliver finished components to major project sites around the world.

As Resource Provider

Barite Equipment

William Jacob Management deploys tightly knit teams and specialized Design and technical experts who are up and running from day one. Clients get fast access to specialized knowledge, experience, tools and resources all geared to project success. What's more, William Jacob Management employees are proven team players, adept at building solid working relationships inside and outside clients' project organizations