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Furie Operating Alaska - Kitchen Lights / Cook Inlet Monopod

Kitchen Lights Monopod Sailaway

Agile independent makes a big play with a small organization: With Help from William Jacob Management, a nimble Texas-based independent has seized the opportunity to reopen Alaska's Cook Inlet to new development for the first time in twenty (20) years. Virtually overnight, the small firm was able to ramp up with William Jacob Management as its full-service Design group for the design of an Offshore Well Test Facility (Monopod), Onshore Separation Plant and Tie-ins for future production and pipeline. Along with providing estimates, complete Design and bid preparation, the William Jacob Management team is working closely with state agencies to meet permitting requirements.



Furie Kitchen Lights

Furie Operating Alaska - MonopodAlaska’s Division of Oil and Gas granted a four-year extension to the Kitchen Lights unit, operated by Furie Operating Alaska, formerly Escopeta Oil. The company brought the Spartan 151 jack-up rig to Cook Inlet in 2012 and began drilling the Kitchen Lights Unit No. 1 well, in the northern part of the inlet. The company announced a substantial gas find on the well that reached a depth of 8,805 feet before the company had to suspend drilling for the winter season.


The unit extension is tied to a four-year exploration plan that involves re-entering and completing the Kitchen Lights No.1 well, and proceeding to drill four or possibly five more exploration wells.


Furie contracted William Jacob Management for the Kitchen Lights plan of development that includes full-service Design and design of an Offshore Well Test Facility (Monopod), Onshore Separation Plant and Tie-ins for future production and pipeline.


Furie has plans to install the monopod platform designed, engineered and commissioned by William Jacob Management in 2014 for gas production. The monopod has the platform structure, with the well heads and other field facilities, sitting on top of a single “monopod” leg consisting of a steel caisson sitting on the seabed, with well pipes passing down the inside of the caisson.


William Jacob Management is working with Furie to design the platform and subsea pipelines as well. The monopod would likely be 14 to 20 feet across, capable of supporting a platform with a small completion rig and personnel housing, among other facilities. But the jack-up rig, rather than a rig on the platform, would drill any development wells, with the jack-up’s drilling platform cantilevered over the monopod’s platform.


The Spartan 151 Jack-up rig has been over-wintering at Port Graham, at the southwestern end of the Kenai Peninsula. Spartan Offshore Drilling, the rig owner, has been carrying out some steel refurbishment work and winterization on the rig during the winter which was supported by William Jacob Management in preparation for work in the Cook Inlet Kitchen Lights project.




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