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William Jacob Management is a strategic partner wholly dedicated to the success of clients and their projects from start-to-finish. Our commissioning services are vital to project completions. In today's operations, a series of vital checks must be undertaken before operations can begin on every facility. Our expert teams will thoroughly inspect each requirement and ensure that all project risks and documentation is in place.


Peregrino installationAt William Jacob Management, we make it a priority to ascertain the integrity of all systems, identifying and correcting design and construction inaccuracies until completion. Our thorough assessment of systems addresses a host of challenges that arise from a project's commencement such as cost control; schedule adherence; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance; and operational performance.


Ultimately, safe and proficient operations that perform at optimal levels and meet all required inspections and certifications is our goal. Toward that end, we assume complete responsibility for commissioning, whether we start in the Design office, provide expertise in the fabrication yard or mobilize to remote areas.



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