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WJM Solutions

Breakthrough Modular Design Erases High Installation Costs



It’s a popular notion that innovation requires “out-of-the-box” thinking. But the design team at William Jacob Management (WJM) begs to differ. Their design program for this breakthrough modular rig facility not only stayed squarely inside the box, but also made it more compact.


The challenge: to develop an offshore modular rig facility that would bring down rig deployment costs and increase speed-to-production. In response, WJM engineers developed a design strategy that distributes primary components and systems among a set of uniform modules small enough to be transported by the oil company's service fleet. The modules were downsized so they could be deployed and assembled initially with “Leap-Frog” type cranes from the platform deck and then completed with the rig facility’s own platform cranes.


To ensure fast, efficient startup and maximum reliability, the team put extra emphasis on the integrity and reliability of interconnects between modules. Eliminating the need for a heavy lift crane barge and all its associated costs, results in significant savings upfront. In addition, the rig facility design provides greater agility for upstream development organizations. Instead of a lengthy Design and construction cycle for each new platform, the organization can mobilize for efficient decommissioning and redeployment to the next drilling program. The thought behind the design of the modules and interconnects provides a high degree of flexibility for various environments, development strategies and drilling programs.

This latest addition to William Jacob Management’s portfolio continues the firm’s tradition for breakthrough innovation. Throughout the industry, when something is introduced as “the world’s first,” chances are William Jacob Management was involved.

WJM Modular Offshore Drilling Rig Design

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The Details:

  • 3,000hp modular offshore rig facility.
  • Used for drilling and production.
  • Two main modules: The Drilling Equipment Structure (DES) and the Drilling Support Module (DSM), which is equipped with two Offshore Pedestal Cranes rated for 100 Tons SWL c/w 120 foot Lattice Booms . The DES has the capacity to move approximately 15 wells arranged in a 3 x 5 matrix and is capable of drilling wells up to 25,000 feet.
  • Accommodates 100 rig personnel.
  • Helipad sits on top of the housing unit.
  • FIRST OF ITS KIND in size and a first for the Gulf of Mexico.

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