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Offering world-class expertise in the fields of Engineering and Project Management, Procurement, Commissioning, Construction Management, Maintenance and more.

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Project List

William Jacob Management offers comprehensive capabilities and world-class proficiency in Design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and project management to oil and gas company at home and abroad. In addition to our many years of experience in Design and project management, our expertise and ability to integrate production and drilling facilities into one working unit has opened opportunities on many projects.




(A Schlumberger Company)

Survey of equipment on the Rowan Renaissance.

W & T Offshore

Demolition of turbine driven compressors, demolition of waste heat recovery, and addition of heat medium package.


Design verification study on Johan Sverdrup.


Savanna Drilling

Project and construction management for the fabrication of a 1500 hp newbuild land rig.

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Undisclosed NOC Consortium

Project management on a newbuild drillship for work in Brazil.


MENAdrill jackup survey for repairs resulting from a fire.



Undisclosed Major IOC Consortium

FEED for an enhanced mobility land rig for work in an undisclosed arctic region.

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Undisclosed Major IOC


FEED for an TLP for work in the Angola.

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BP Exploration & Production

Project 20K - Review strategies for the development of an ultra deepwater drilling unit and provide conceptual Design.

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Northern Offshore

FEED study for jackup drill rig upgrade in Danish waters.

Spartan Offshore Drilling

On site support of Spartan 151 drill rig upgrade and maintenance overhaul during winter shutdown in Port Graham, Alaska.

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Escopeta Oil

Furie Operation Alaska

Kitchen Lights/Cook Inlet Monopod - Prepared GoM jackup for Cook Inlet Services and designed monopod, topsides facilities, new workover drill rig, pipeline and onshore facilities.

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Shell Oil

Mars B Olympus - Design and design support for drilling facilities.

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Modular Drill Rigs - Fast track Design and design of two (2) 3,000 hp API platform rigs for use in the Bay of Campeche on new drilling and production platforms.

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Sidewinder Drilling

Complete AutoCad 3D Layout of Modules and Pipe Routing for New Generation Land Rig.



BP Exploration & Production

Liberty Drill Rig - Revamp project.

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Supported Nabors Drilling on a preliminary study of the Big Foot rig which included development of an equipment list, equipment weights, equipment costs and overall layouts on the TLP.

Worked with 2H Offshore on the riser fairing transport cartridge design of transportation modules. The modules were used to ship the riser fairings for the Chevron Bigfoot TLP.
Shipped offshore GoM for final installation.

Coastal Energy

MOPU development - Offshore Thailand.

Devon Energy

Jack / St. Malo - WJM was requested by Devon to review the details of the drill rig proposed for use on the Jack / St. Malo deepwater development.  The rig proposed was developed by a firm out of the UK with considerable experience in the design of drill rigs for the North Sea.  WJM was asked to review the design for application in the GoM and to provide alternate equipment, pricing and weights.

Sarost S.A.

Design for the Jawhara 05 repair and conversion project.



Loran Manatee - preliminary study considering possible solutions for drilling the production wells on the Loran Manatee development offshore Trinidad. For the platform based solutions WJM team members are assembling an equipment list and providing weights and costs to develop this possible option.  WJM is also tasked with examining the viability of alternate options.

Blake International

Verification of structural and equipment on 3000 HP platform rig located in Dos Bocas, Vera Cruz, Mexico. Equipment to be relocated
onto an existing Cantrell D & P platform.




Sakhalin Island I Berkut Drill Rig - Worked with WorleyParsons and supported the drill rig portion of the Arkutun-Dagi project.

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Pride International (Bought out by Ensco)

Pride Ascension modification.




Development support.


Audit assistance.

Doyon Drilling

Project consultant.





OYO - FPSO project management.

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IDM Equipment

Design & design for the QuickSilver drilling system modifications.



Cross Logistics

Crossmar Barge - 21 modifications.

Ascot International Svcs.

EPC4A support.

Noble Drilling

Danny Adkins - Piping support.



Murphy Oil Corporation

Azurite Drill Rig - Interface management,

structural and mechanical Design and

piping design.

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Kerr McGee

(Bought out by Anadarko)

Ensco 25 Platform Rig - Survey.

Kerr McGee

(Bought out by Anadarko)

H&P 91 Jackup and 106 Jackup - Survey.

Kerr McGee

(Bought out by Anadarko)

Peregrino BM-C-7 - Preliminary study.

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Mustang Design


SAH Peregrino BM-C-7 drill rig project.

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Superior Offshore Int'l

Endeavour diving support vessel.

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Marlin Offshore Services

Barge rig overhaul accounting services.




Early production system study for CAMAC.




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