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Process Labeling Services

Pipe LabelingWilliam Jacob Management provides pipe labeling services to better serve our clients in the execution of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) procedures for onshore and offshore operations.


At William Jacob Management, the safety of every person is paramount in all that we do. QHSE requirements are always at the forefront of our facility designs. Our goal is to implement safe working environments that are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements for any location in the world. William Jacob Management starts with safety in the design process at the corporate level, continues into Design and design to assist during the construction phase and carries through into the operations of every project. 


The safety benefits in using pipe labeling are numerous. For example, if a worker cuts into an unidentified line it could result in an explosion that would not only cause harm to the structure itself, but could potentially harm lives and even cause death. This is an example of an accident that can be prevented with the installation of process pipe labeling.


Pipe markers are installed according to the regulatory requirements for each specific location of a working project. Some examples of our work were done on the Peregrino and Polvo projects according to Brazilian regulations where we provided both English and Portuguese pipe labels. To see some examples of our work, click here.


As part of our safe design process, William Jacob Management provides in-house pipe labeling services to generate noticeable and recognizable signage that clearly conveys the source, destination and content of all piping, mechanical and electrical systems. Our markers elevate the level of awareness by standardizing piping process systems to establish and enhance safe work environments that curtail downtime due to accidents on the job. When installed during the mechanical completion stage of a project, our identification markers become an integral part of operations for the crews working on drilling rigs, production facilities and every other project that requires a process piping system.



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