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EPCM and PM Services

EPCM and PM Services

Offering world-class expertise in the fields of Engineering and Project Management, Procurement, Commissioning, Construction Management, Maintenance and more.

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William Jacob Management's goal, since its inception, has been to bring VALUE to the oil and gas industry by providing seasoned personnel in project execution. While other large service providers are known for their dedication to billable hours, William Jacob Management thrives on adding VALUE. The company's driving focus is to make every project, big or small, the best it can be. Beyond the immediate goal to be on time and on budget, William Jacob Management aims for the optimum balance of drivers, objectives and constraints that maximize the long-term business impact of every project.

Agile Independent Makes a Big Play


Alaska's CookWith the help of William Jacob Management, a nimble Texas-based independent has seized the opportunity to re-open Alaska's Cook Inlet to new development for the first time in 20 years. Virtually overnight, the small firm was able to ramp up with our full-service Design group for design of an offshore well testing facility, onshore separation plant and tie-ins for future production and pipeline. Along with providing estimates, complete Design and bid preparation, the William Jacob Management team is working closely with state agencies to meet permitting requirements.

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When ZERO is the Perfect Score

ArmadaSafety is the most overlooked and under appreciated contributor to project success. With more than 250,000 man-hours worked on job sites around the world, the William Jacob Management team has one of the best safety records in the industry.


William Jacob Management Safety Statistics:


ZERO Incident Rate Since company start up


ZERO First Aids


ZERO Lost Time Incidents


ZERO Recordable Incidents

William Jacob Management is the proud recipient of numerous client awards and citations for outstanding safety performance. » Click here to see more


New Benchmarks in Project Stewardship

PeregringoThe assignment was to maintain momentum through four changes in project ownership on the Peregrino project over 24 months. William Jacob Management responded with a steady hand, as each change in operating partner introduced new project requirements.




William Jacob Management Project Role:


Serving as Refurbishment Manager for drilling rigs at contractor sites in Texas and Louisiana


Providing detailed Design for design of mechanical, process and electrical elements


Handling procurement of new equipment


Performing mechanical completion/project commissioning (onshore and offshore)

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