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EPCM and PM Services

EPCM and PM Services

Offering world-class expertise in the fields of Engineering and Project Management, Procurement, Commissioning, Construction Management, Maintenance and more.

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Production Leadership

Our Production Facilities Design department is complemented by former Petro-Marine Design personnel. This team of experts have many years of experience with FPSOs, MOPUs, production barges, junction platforms, 100 K BOPD production facilities, 50 mmscfd standard gas facilities and shallow water pipelines.


John Weaver, Vice President of Projects, heads up the production team and brings with him over 35 years of international experience in project management, design, and supervision, working on major projects with clients such as Shell Oil, Coastal Oil & Gas, Mobil Oil, Hyundai Heavy Industries/Brasoil and many others. He has overseen Design and construction of field installations of chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining and natural gas processing facilities, as well as offshore facilities and pipelines. He has extensive industry experience including offshore and onshore oil and gas, compressor stations, shallow/deepwater, heavy crude and sour production.


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